Where to get freebies online

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One of the great things about the Internet is all the free stuff you can get. Do you remember the days when we had to rely on physical magazines and newspapers for information? The Internet has largely made news free. You can not only read articles by going to sources like Yahoo News or CNN, but you can also listen to news podcasts such as the Young Turks for free as well. Youtube is also a great source of news, although many of the news clips you find on Youtube will be relatively short.

In addition, many online services allow you to get free trials. Examples of such services would include dating sites like Match.com or Eharmony, as well as streaming video sites like Hulu Plus and Netflix. And of course, if it’s entertainment you’re after there’s lots of Youtube videos you can view free of charge as well.

I also like playing games online. It used to be that the free games you can play on the Internet were somewhat lame, but this is no longer the case. A lot of popular MMOGs such as Star Wars: The Old Republic have started using the “Free to Play” model, and these games are extremely high in quality. Today, there are many highly engaging multiplayer games on the Internet that you can play for hours and hours without getting bored.

On a more serious note, I have been suffering from antivirus attacks on my computer of late, and for this, I once again used free trials. In this case, I downloaded norton 360, one of the top internet security programs out there. As well, I've began to notice that I'm spending too much money on video games of late. Once again, free trials were the answer. In this case, I tried a Gamefly free trial and ended up liking it very much. Now I use Gamefly to rent all my games instead of purchasing them. To get a Gamefly free trial, just go to freetrialspot.com.

And last but not least, there are a couple major dating sites that you can use completely free. Be aware, however, that most people have more success on paid dating sites like match.com (for more on these types of dating sites, read our dating article here). Nevertheless, if you're new to online dating, you may want to try out some free sites first.

As you can see, free trials can therefore benefit you in many ways. The truth is, freebies abound on the Internet. I highly recommend visiting sites like freetrialspot.com if you’re interested in taking advantage of free trial offers that are available on the Internet.