Social media for dating news?

dating worldHow much can you trust social media sites? After all, they are pretty much just the amalgamation of other people’s thoughts and opinions. I for one have always taken everything I read on social media with a grain of salt. But that doesn’t mean you should discard social media altogether. I have found that for certain things, such as news and quick tips, it is great to visit social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. And what makes sites like these different from ordinary sites is the level of interaction you can have with other people.

Make no mistake. When it comes to online dating, regular dating information sites such as have a lot to offer, and you should rely on them quite a bit. But social media can definitely add a layer of information and insight that you may not be able to acquire by other means.

For example, I find that social media sites allow me to get some nice information on what is new in the dating world. Apart from news, I often find links to helpful articles and tips by going to online dating twitter sites. Sure, the character limit does mean that you won’t always get a ton of information, but often times it will start me down a path online that allows me to learn a lot.

Social media can also be used as a mechanism to facilitate online dating as well. But for now, I personally feel that the best way to meet people online continues to be by using traditional online dating services like Match, Eharmony, and I just find that social media doesn’t allow you to find out the amount of information about a potential match that a good dating site will.

I am still waiting to see if there will be a dating site at some point exclusively using videos and video chat. I can see that day coming. After all, almost all of us have skype and a video cam on our computers these days. It makes sense that these technologies will eventually be integrated into dating as well.